Established in 2008, Alaska Puf Industries is a premier Ahmedabad based  Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of Thermal Insulation Products. Beginning with small footprint, we have grown in terms of size, volumes of products we produce as well as the sophistication (but excellent price range) of our product portfolio. Today our products are much sought after for their superior finish, performance and conservative pricing. Our range of Thermal Insulation products includes Cross Liner Polyethylene Sheets, Pipe Sections, Perlite Insulation Board,  Polyurethane Foam & PUF Panels.

We are proud to record that we have offered insulation solutions for temperatures as variant as -40 degree centigrade to 1200 degree centigrade. Equally incredible are the materials we have used for insulation purposes. Polyurethane Foam, Thermocol, Glass Wool, Mineral Wool, L.R.B. Rock Wool, Calcium Silicate block and Perlite Blocks. We also offer consultancy and turn key operations for installation of insulators in all industries.

With our state of the art manufacturing facility, we are able to manufacture PUF sandwich panel of 25 mm thickness, 150 mm thickness that are over 12 feet. We also manufacture PUF slabs of 20 mm to 500 mm, Pipe sections from 15 NB to 350 NB of varying thickness. Another range of service we provide are for cold storage insulation by using PUF panels as well as water proofing jobs using Bitumen Tarfelt as the chemical to stop water leakages.

Technical Data
High Mechanical Strength:

  • Light in weight yet rigid & sturdy
  • Structurally strong & dimensionally stable
  • High compressive and flexural strength


  • Lowest 'K' value among all insulating material
  • High moisture resistance
  • Permanent and long-lasting insulating
  • Saving of electricity

Easy To Apply:

  • Easy to handle and quick to install
  • Can be easily cut by saw or sharp knife
  • Excellent adhesive properties-can be laminated to most rigid or flexible materials
  • Dose not soak, Swell or buckle in moisture

Longer Life:

  • High ageing resistance
  • Dose not attract rodents and other pests
  • Odourless and does not absorb odours
  • Unaffected by sea-water
  • Does not harbour fungi, mildew or spores

Property Unit Result
 Standard Density  (Other densities  available on request)  Kg/M3 36 +/-2
 Compressive strength  Kg/M2 1.2-2.1
 Flexural strength  Kg/M2 4
 Closed cell content  % 95
 Thermal conductivity  W/m/m2oC 0.015
 Dimensional stability  K Ca (mhoC) 0.4
 Water vapour  permeability  Ng/M3 2.9
 Water absorption (7  days)  Kg/M3 0.1
 Fire resistance  - Self extinguishing
 Service temperature  range  oC -180 to + 110
 PIR Grade  oC -200 to + 140
 Available sizes
 Pipe sizes
  1/2" to14"
1mtr * 0.50 mtr
1 mtr * 1 mtr
25 mm to 100 mm
 Facing   Craft paper, Bituminous craft paper, Aluminised foil, Fiber glass tissue paper, Reinforced aluminised paper (Other finishes also available on request)
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